Our proven ability to help you with our years of education




We are licensed, bonded and fully insured!

(( Do not hire anyone without these))

Our Professional Certifications Include:

* 4 Certified Antiques Appraisers 


* 2 Certified Gemologist

* 2 Certified Antique & Period Jewelry         


* 2 N.A.A. Certified Auctioneers

* 1 Certified IRS Appraiser 


* 1 Certified Fine Arts Appraiser 


* 1 Certified Textiles Appraiser

* 1 Certified Toys & Collectibles Appraiser

* 1 Certified Doll & Toy appraiser, modern to 





In this business, the old saying is true...

"you get what you pay for"

OK......So what exactly is an Estate Sale?

Let me preface this answer by saying that not 

all estate sales are due to a death. Because of 

the rising popularity in senior communities, 

many older people are choosing to downsize 

into a more carefree way of life. So an estate 

sale, these days, is a type of sale to dispose of a 

substantial portion of the materials owned by a 

person who is recently moved or deceased and 

the heirs must dispose of this personal property 

to vacate the property and/or settle the estate. 

An estate sale may also occur because the 

property owner will be moving into a situation 

where he/she will be unable to keep all their 

property. For example, a move to an assisted 

living facility, a retirement community, a rest 

home, living with family, or other living 


So.....Why is it very important to use a 

professional Estate Sale company?

SIMPLY PUT......there are a lot of companies 

out there that have absolutely no training, no 

education, no business or communication skills 

or any idea what they are doing. 

We have established connections with many 

reputable buyers over the years and we can sell 


Since we are certified personal property 

appraisers and belong to professional appraisal 

and auctioneer organizations, we have lots of 

professionals that we can reach out to.

When choosing a professional estate seller, it is 

very important that they know how to properly 

identify, correctly price, and attractively 

display all items that are going to be sold.

This is our full time business and we do estate 

sales the professional way!

We did my parents estate sale when they 

passed away and I know what you are 

emotionally going through if you have lost a 

loved one, I've walked in your shoes.

We treat every estate sale like it was our own 

family estate sale!!

A professional estate seller will NEVER present 

you with awards stating that they have been 

voted "The Best (of anything)". There are NO 

awards in our business, not from a city, 

a county or government and not from any 

private organization.

A professional, reliable, and honest estate

 seller should NEVER charge you an upfront 

fee (( why pay for a service that has not been 

completed or even started. ))

A professional estate seller should NEVER state 

that the remaining items are theirs to keep 

(( they are still your items until you decide 

what to do with them ))

The reason why we DO NOT do this is because it 

encourages us to sell your items and make the 

most money for the estate.