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Sunday, October 6th @ 2pm

We have another wonderful auction filled with more treasures for you. 

This auction features a single owner vintage collection of 40+ designer handbags and luggage by CHANEL, GUCCI and LOUIS VUITTON. Most of this collection was purchased at the boutique stores on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills and a lot of the items have receipts to prove it. Like Native American? Check out the 3 large Native American baskets and the 1 pitch covered water basket. How about jewelry? We have a beautiful GIA certified 2.52ct VS2 diamond ring, perfect for an upcoming end of the year engagement. Also a stunning French ormolu KPM porcelain jewelry casket! Are you coin collector? We have over 20 Morgan silver dollars and a few gold coins and sets in this auction................MANY more wonderful, decorative, fun and beautiful items

Sunday, October 27th @ 2pm

"Gold! Gold! There is gold here"
A very well preserved, historical, multi-generational family collection of unique and wonderful items.
This is an exciting historical find and includes one of the largest collections of California Gold Rush manuscripts and diaries that have ever come up on the market. The diaries span 50 years of the life of a California '49'er, Francis Hamlin. Francis was a relative of Abraham Lincoln's Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin.
Once here, Francis promised himself that beginning on Jan. 1st 1853, he would keep a daily written diary and 2 financial accounting books of what life was like during his time in early California and he kept that promise. Diaries include his amazing overland trip diary starting in Ohio and all the way out to the gold mines of California.
This family story begins back in England in the 1630s when Francis's ancestors came to the United States, landing in Barnstable, MA, an early Plymouth Colony. This collection spans more than 5 major wars, and many minor ones, and continues all the way through the mid 1940's with a majority of the items from the early California and the Gold Rush era.
Since this was the "Wild West", there is also a collection of 27 firearms that are in this auction. Every single firearm, as well as all every single items in this auction, have been passed down through the family.
The Thrasher family is also highlighted in this collection and we have a gold rush letter, many correspondences, photos including the Civil War poll tax receipt of William Thrasher.
The consignor is also a direct descendant of Luther Ashley. Luther Ashley served in the Civil War on the Union side. The Ashley's side of the family were successful miners who ran mines from the 1880's well into the 1950's.
Robert Ashley, who's estate these items came from, was the direct descendant of all of these families
And here today, we present to you in its entirety, this historic collection to bid on.


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We are having our next AUCTION. 

There are 4 ways to bid with us.....

1. You can join us LIVE on Sunday and register in


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Please consult the bidder Terms.

So how does all this work?

Read the guide below and we will help you out.

I have never been to auction, is it easy to do? I don’t want to buy something for $10,000.00 that I didn’t mean to!

First, it is totally easy! All you have to do is register either IN PERSON or ONLINE.  If you register online, then you can start bidding now! YOU decide how much you want to pay and how high you will go to get the items that you want!

Will the auctioneer talk very fast?

And as far as the auctioneer, it is NOT what you see on TV and in the movies. The type of very fast auction calling is used to sell high volume items, like cattle and cars, and since we are not selling cattle or cars, you will be able to clearly understand the auctioneer. PLUS you are going to have Celebrity auctioneer JOHN KNUCKLE from the hit TV show CONTAINER WARS as your auctioneer. You will be in great hands with an experience auctioneer.

How is this different than an estate sale?

Estate sale items have a fixed price. An auction is a bidding process, bidding starts at the opening bid. If the opening bid is $50.00 dollars and you are the only bidder then you win that item! If there 2 or more people bidding then whoever bids the highest wins the auction.

Are these leftovers from all your estate sales?

NO!  These items are from private collections and consignors outside of our estate sales.  Yes, we are still doing estate sales…...and now auctions, too.

I see that you have an auction preview? What is that and how is that different than the live auction?

The preview is an inspection time for bidders to look over merchandise and decide how much they want to bid. 

We suggest you arrive 1 hour prior to the auction to register and to preview the items.

I see that you can bid on-line how does that work?

You can register with which is FREE, and then you are allowed to bid on all our items in your PJ's and in the comfort of your home or at the office. It allows bidders from all over the world to participate in our auctions.

I see something that I like to bid on, but I can’t make it to the auction on Monday night and I don’t want to go on the computer to bid, what can I do?

EASY! You come to the preview times, either Sunday or Monday, and register and fill out the absentee bidder form. You will leave a $300.00 dollar deposit via check or credit card, the deposit is totally refundable if you do not win your items after the auction. If you win your items, then we will use your deposit to pay the first $300 of your purchase price. If there is any balance left, we will refund the difference. Balance will have to be paid before the item is released.

But I do not want to leave a deposit, what can I do?

If you do not want to leave a deposit for the auction, then it is FREE to register online.  OR….you can come to the live auction on Monday at 6pm where we do NOT require a deposit.  

We suggest you arrive 1 hr prior to the auction to register and to preview the items.

That sounds easy, how do I pick up the items?

After your payment has cleared, you will be able to pick up it in Fullerton, CA within one week of the auction close. You must make an appointment for pick up.

I don’t want to drive to Fullerton can my item be shipped to me?

Yes, but it will be handled between you and a third party shipping company. Additional charges

will apply. You must contact the shipper directly. To see our recommendation for shipper, please look at the terms and conditions. All items must be picked up one week after the auction, after the payment has cleared.

Where is the live auction again?

720 E. Walnut Ave. #B

Fullerton, CA 92831

How does the live auction work?

You can come and bid live and be a part of the FUN! It’s super simple and be a part of a good old fashion auction with our celebrity auctioneer

If I have the winning bid at the live  auction, and my payment clears that night, am I able to pick my item up after the auction?

YES, we would love that!

So what part of the catalog are being sold online or live?

All items are sold both ways at the same time. The auction is simulcast so a bidder in Hong Kong can be bidding on the computer against a live bidder on the floor and it is happening in real time. A floor bidder is someone who is at the live auction bidding.

Do you accept phone bidding?

Yes we do. Someone from Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists, Inc. will call you a few minutes before the your item is up for auction. HOWEVER, if your phone doesn’t work, your dog ate the phone, we can not get through, we miss dial, if for any reason your call is missed, AESS is not responsible.

I am not sure what I want to bid on, can you help me?

Well...estimates are given on all auction lots as the potential ranges of value for the items coming up to auction. However, these are only guidelines. Remember your bid is a legally bidding contract with AESS no matter how it is received. You are legally bound by your bid.

What is the buyer’s premium?

All items are subject to a buyer’s premium which in our case is 18%. This is added in addition to the bid, so if a winning bid is $100, then the 18% buyer’s premium is added for a total of $118, plus applicable tax.

What else should I know?

HAVE FUN!  Auctions are fun and exciting…….come and be part of the action at the auction!!

HELP…...I am still not sure how this works or what to do?

Come see us during preview and we will hook you up and get you going!


  • Please consult the bidder Terms.