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Licensed, Bonded and Insured
(Bond # A270039482)

We are proud to bring to auction this single owner collection that features oil & petroliana, fine jewelry, coins, a few antiques, cut to clear crystal pieces and a nice selection of Westmoreland ‘Argonaut Shell’ candy dishes. 

Please read the family biography below: 

"Our father, Albert, was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1941. Some folks would joke and say our family came from a line of traveling gypsies, as travel has always been a passion in our family. Our family did settle down in Escondido, California, by the time Al was a teenager. There he graduated high school and attended San Diego State University. As an adult he moved around California some more and started a career at Atlantic Richfield Company, better known as ARCO, at the well-known towers located in downtown Los Angeles. Albert’s career with ARCO spanned over 30 years, where he held different titles such as Financial Analyst and Senior Products Buyer. Still never knowing exactly what he wanted to do, but always had a passion for travel and taking his wife and two daughters on adventures all over the United States. His years with ARCO afforded him to make these dreams a reality. Al (or Big Al, as his friends would call him) became an avid collector of any and all things related to the Richfield Oil Company, Atlantic Petroleum, ARCO and often other companies in the petroleum business in the early 1990’s. Adding to the pieces he had already acquired from working at the company since the mid to late 1960’s, Al acquired a variety of items including pins, belt buckles, lighters, ashtrays, manuals, signs, oil cans, globes and much more. Al retired from ARCO at the age of 54, only returning as a part time consultant for a year longer. It also was a time to travel with his wife Diane, who had collections of her own." 

The family would like to thank everyone for their participation in their parents auction. 


Our June 6th, 2021 auction.........



We have another exciting auction for you, with some new Asian items from antiques to silver to artwork to coins, we have some unique collections in this auction! 

Take a look at the beautiful collection of Persian and European silver items, lots 1-16. 

A collection of Papua New Guiana wood carvings, including 2 storyboards, from a private collector, lots 246-250. 

Also a beautiful collection of limited edition, Mid Century, artwork by Chester Solomont, lots 208-219. 

A fun and whimsical collection of Charles Bragg artwork and books, lots 200-219. 

We also have the Don LeMasters collection of Asian and woodblock prints. 

We have a small collection of Mayan/Aztec pottery and stone carving. 

A beautiful collection of mineral specimens, including a gorgeous Amethyst geode, lots 262-266. 

And we have LOTS of other wonderful items to bid on in this auction! 

Take care and GOOD LUCK bidding !!! 



Welcome Back, Friends!
Sunday, March 14th @12pm
This auction features something for everyone, including some early Hollywood items and a very rare broadside poster from the late comedian, Charlie Chaplin, with a performance at the Empress Theatre in San Diego in 1913. We also have more beautiful antique items from the Gerola estate, the one that was featured in our past October auction and there are many beautiful items to choose from. We have 2 early art collections from famed artists Robert Woods and Burt Procter, both of whom were very close friends with our consignor. There are many more beautiful pieces of artwork as well, like the Rufino Tamayo, "El Hombre en Verde". We have a gorgeous Waterford 6 arm chandelier, Chinese Plique a Jour vase set, beautiful set of Alaskan Gold Nugget jewelry, Art Deco gold & diamond rings, a very nice French bracket clock and matching pedestal, Antique and Victorian Furniture, Depression Glass (lots of Thousand Eye), some beautiful Chinese cloisonné, stunning KPM Mary & baby Jesus plaque........and soooo much more.........

Sunday, Feb. 21st @ 12pm pst.

This is a single owner collection from the Don LeMasters estate.

We have the pleasure of bringing this wonderful collection from Don LeMasters to market. It was a pleasure getting to know Don and his family.

Don was a passionate collector of all things beautiful and with a deep love of Japanese items, in particular, the Japanese Woodblocks but also across all cultures of Asian and European Art.  As you will see from this over 600 lot of spanning the breath of Don's passions.

Donald P. LeMasters served during World War 2 as an Airship Rigger on the Blimp Division in the US Navy. Two weeks after leaving the Navy, he married the Love of his Life, Mamie, and was married for 56 years. After the Navy, Don became a Plastics Engineer for almost 38 years where he earned several Patents while working with David Swedlow.

He traveled abroad a couple of times for his company and one of those trips took him to Japan where he instantly fell "in love" with the Japanese culture. So, for many years, both he and his wife collected Asian Art items among other types of Antiquities.

Don enjoyed collecting and learning about his collected pieces. His favorite was his "Hasui" Woodblock prints as his work would show more details and every print had an "action" somewhere within the Hasui works of art.

As one can see, Don and his wife did not collect a single type of art, subject or artist. But they enjoyed collecting all types, such as the Woodblock Prints, Ceramics, Bronzes, Porcelains, Glass and more.

He also felt the Military items collected should be remembered.

It was a pleasure to know Don, and we hope you enjoy his wonderful lifelong collection.





Sunday, Dec. 6th @ 12pm

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Sunday October 4th @ 12pm pst.

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Hollywood Auction, Sunday May 17th @ 2pm !! 

The Show Must Go On..........
Hollywood Online auction coming May 17th @ 2pm !!
Join us LIVE for ONLINE bidding ONLY for this fabulous auction featuring many of the old time Hollywood stars. Pre bidding is live now....just sign's FREE !!
Not just actors but from all walks of the entertainment business, actors, writers, producers, directors, musicians, performers, theatre, some Hollywood props and more.

** Take a look at this fabulous book of autographs, lot# 24, and the YouTube video that shows all the signatures..... us as a small business. Like and Share us with your friends and family. There are many reasonably priced fun items to bid on. Think about presents, gifts and anyone who would appreciate seeing and bidding on items from their favorite stars.
YOUR support means a lot to us, Thank you !!
Some of the names included in this auction are:
Shirley Temple
Jean Harlow
Marlon Brando
John Wayne
Lucille Ball
Barbara Stanwyck
Roy Rogers
Mary Pickford
Hopalong Cassidy
Tom Mix
Ava Gardner
Clark Gable
Ethel Barrymore
Faye Dunaway
Julie Andrews
Bob Hope
Marilyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor
Audrey Hepburn
Jimmy Durante
Dinah Shore
Jerry Lee Lewis
George Burns
Phyllis Diller
Jane Mansfield
Kirk Douglas
Katherine Hepburn
Gracie Allen
Gene Autry
Ava Gardner
Fred Astaire
Clint Eastwood
John Lennon
Charlton Heston
Doris Day
Dustin Hoffman
Barbara Eden
Many more stars !!
The casts of many movies and TV shows.....many with COA's
Just to name a small handful.....AND A TON MORE FUN STUFF !!!!
Mark your calendars......May 17th @ 2pm !!




SUNDAY Feb 9th @ 2pm

Saturday, Feb. 8th 11am - 5pm

We have another wonderful auction filled with more treasures for you. 

We are starting this year off with a homerun, touchdown, and slam dunk of an auction. This ENTIRE collection, 250+ lots, are from a single owner who has been collecting for many years and a large part of the collection has COA's for the items. He attended many events where the items were personally signed by the athletes in his presence. This is a live ONLINE auction and all bidding will be done through Live Auctioneers. We have signed: helmets, baseballs, footballs, bats, basketballs, mini helmets, photographs and more. Almost everything is signed! We have many of the greats and Hall Of Famers......and of course MORE !! BASEBALL - Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, George "Babe" Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr, Hank Aaron, Bobby Thomson, Yogi Berra, Willie McCovey, Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa....and many more Hall of Famers.....and more FOOTBALL - Joe Namath, Dan Marino, Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Bo Jackson, Jerry Rice, Roman Gabriel, John Elway, Brett Favre....and more. BASKETBALL - Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, George Mikan, Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, US "Dream Team" Olympic Team, Bill Russell, Walt Hazzard.....and many more BOXING - Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Jake LaMotta...... This is a HUGE, 250+ lot, single family collection that features many and wonderful signed sports items from a life time of collecting all offered here for you! GRAB IT NOW !!!


We are having our next AUCTION. 

There are 4 ways to bid with us.....

1. You can join us LIVE on Sunday and register in


2. You can register, FOR FREE, and bid online at

3. You can do over-the-phone bidding on



4. You can place an absentee bid.  If you win,

 you won the item for the hammer price.







NEED HELP ??  Please Keep reading


Please consult the bidder Terms.

So how does all this work?

Read the guide below and we will help you out.

I have never been to auction, is it easy to do? I don’t want to buy something for $10,000.00 that I didn’t mean to!

First, it is totally easy! All you have to do is register either IN PERSON or ONLINE.  If you register online, then you can start bidding now! YOU decide how much you want to pay and how high you will go to get the items that you want!

Will the auctioneer talk very fast?

And as far as the auctioneer, it is NOT what you see on TV and in the movies. The type of very fast auction calling is used to sell high volume items, like cattle and cars, and since we are not selling cattle or cars, you will be able to clearly understand the auctioneer. PLUS you are going to have Celebrity auctioneer JOHN KNUCKLE from the hit TV show CONTAINER WARS as your auctioneer. You will be in great hands with an experience auctioneer.

How is this different than an estate sale?

Estate sale items have a fixed price. An auction is a bidding process, bidding starts at the opening bid. If the opening bid is $50.00 dollars and you are the only bidder then you win that item! If there 2 or more people bidding then whoever bids the highest wins the auction.

Are these leftovers from all your estate sales?

NO!  These items are from private collections and consignors outside of our estate sales.  Yes, we are still doing estate sales…...and now auctions, too.

I see that you have an auction preview? What is that and how is that different than the live auction?

The preview is an inspection time for bidders to look over merchandise and decide how much they want to bid. 

We suggest you arrive 1 hour prior to the auction to register and to preview the items.

I see that you can bid on-line how does that work?

You can register with which is FREE, and then you are allowed to bid on all our items in your PJ's and in the comfort of your home or at the office. It allows bidders from all over the world to participate in our auctions.

I see something that I like to bid on, but I can’t make it to the auction on Monday night and I don’t want to go on the computer to bid, what can I do?

EASY! You come to the preview times, either Sunday or Monday, and register and fill out the absentee bidder form. You will leave a $300.00 dollar deposit via check or credit card, the deposit is totally refundable if you do not win your items after the auction. If you win your items, then we will use your deposit to pay the first $300 of your purchase price. If there is any balance left, we will refund the difference. Balance will have to be paid before the item is released.

But I do not want to leave a deposit, what can I do?

If you do not want to leave a deposit for the auction, then it is FREE to register online.  OR….you can come to the live auction on Monday at 6pm where we do NOT require a deposit.  

We suggest you arrive 1 hr prior to the auction to register and to preview the items.

That sounds easy, how do I pick up the items?

After your payment has cleared, you will be able to pick up it in Fullerton, CA within one week of the auction close. You must make an appointment for pick up.

I don’t want to drive to Fullerton can my item be shipped to me?

Yes, but it will be handled between you and a third party shipping company. Additional charges

will apply. You must contact the shipper directly. To see our recommendation for shipper, please look at the terms and conditions. All items must be picked up one week after the auction, after the payment has cleared.

Where is the live auction again?

720 E. Walnut Ave. #B

Fullerton, CA 92831

How does the live auction work?

You can come and bid live and be a part of the FUN! It’s super simple and be a part of a good old fashion auction with our celebrity auctioneer

If I have the winning bid at the live  auction, and my payment clears that night, am I able to pick my item up after the auction?

YES, we would love that!

So what part of the catalog are being sold online or live?

All items are sold both ways at the same time. The auction is simulcast so a bidder in Hong Kong can be bidding on the computer against a live bidder on the floor and it is happening in real time. A floor bidder is someone who is at the live auction bidding.

Do you accept phone bidding?

Yes we do. Someone from Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists, Inc. will call you a few minutes before the your item is up for auction. HOWEVER, if your phone doesn’t work, your dog ate the phone, we can not get through, we miss dial, if for any reason your call is missed, AESS is not responsible.

I am not sure what I want to bid on, can you help me?

Well...estimates are given on all auction lots as the potential ranges of value for the items coming up to auction. However, these are only guidelines. Remember your bid is a legally bidding contract with AESS no matter how it is received. You are legally bound by your bid.

What is the buyer’s premium?

All items are subject to a buyer’s premium which in our case is 18%. This is added in addition to the bid, so if a winning bid is $100, then the 18% buyer’s premium is added for a total of $118, plus applicable tax.

What else should I know?

HAVE FUN!  Auctions are fun and exciting…….come and be part of the action at the auction!!

HELP…...I am still not sure how this works or what to do?

Come see us during preview and we will hook you up and get you going!


  • Please consult the bidder Terms.